Boşluk doldurma kısmını yapabilir misiniz lütfen

Circle the correct verb form in each of the following sentences.

a) Mary prepared / was preparing lunch when they came / was coming.

b) Tom was very unlucky. It rained / was raining every day during his holidays.

c) Who was that nice girl you talked / were talking to when I walked / was walking by the pub?

d) Last weekend Susan fell/was falling and broke/ was breaking her leg

e) When I entered / was entering the cafeteria Mary had / was having lunch with Peter.

  1. We drove/ were driving to Berlin in Robert’s new car.

a) The sun shone / was shining brightly when I got up / was getting up this morning

h) Ann finally told / was telling us the whole story about Peter.

2 Read the following sentences and put the verbs in brackets in either the Past Simple or the Past Continuous. Put any other words in brackets in the correct place.

a) As Sophie (walk) up Regent Street she

b) When (father/arrive) yesterday?

(meet) an old friend from college.

He c) Who (arrive) late. The train (you/ speak) to on the phone when I (be)delayed due to an accident. (come)in?

(read) in bed when she (hear) a strange noise downstairs.

(leave) home at 8.30 this morning, the sun

(rain) heavily

brightly. However, by 10 o’clock it

d) Mary

e) When Mr. Lawrence

f) Sebastian (arrive) at Susan’s house a little before 11 a.m., but she

there. She

(study) at the library.

g) The fireman (rescue) a 75-year-old woman who

floor of the burning building.

h) (you/do) any shopping yesterday?

i) Yesterday Jane


(fall) and

j) What (Peter/do) when you



(be) trapped on the second

(hurt) herself when she

(knock) on his door?

(ride) her

k) Helen (wear) her dress to the party last night.