Help arkdslar 4,5

  1. Choose the correct Passive Voice.


In the past people wrote books by hand.

A) In the past books is written by hand.

B) In the past books are written by hand.

C) In the past books had been written by hand. D) In the past books was written by hand.

E) In the past books were written by hand.

  1. Choose the correct variant.

Sam is Australian actor



Listen to the passage and answer questions 6 - 10

A) an/ who were/in

B) a/ that was / on

C) a/which was / in

D) an/ who was / in

E) an/which was / in


  1. The passage is mainly about. (5p)

a) the adult human body

b) the disadvantages of water

c) the illnesses arising from drinking less water

d) the importance of water

e) the benefits of drinking less water