Who is responsible for applying cui markings and dissemination instructions

who is responsible for applying cui markings and dissemination instructions

who is responsible for applying cui markings and dissemination instructions

Answer: Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) markings and dissemination instructions are typically the responsibility of the entity or organization that generates or handles the information. In the context of the United States government, specifically Executive Order 13556, which established the policy for controlled unclassified information, the responsibility for applying CUI markings and dissemination instructions falls on the federal agencies and departments that create, manage, or share such information.

Here’s a breakdown of the responsibilities:

  1. Federal Agencies and Departments: Each federal agency or department is responsible for identifying and designating the specific information within their purview that qualifies as Controlled Unclassified Information. They are also responsible for developing and implementing policies and procedures for marking and safeguarding CUI.

  2. Information Owners/Originators: Individuals or offices within agencies or departments that create or originate CUI are responsible for marking the information appropriately. They must indicate that the information is CUI and provide dissemination instructions as needed.

  3. Authorized Holders: Those who have legitimate access to CUI are responsible for following the specified markings and dissemination instructions. They should handle CUI in accordance with agency policies and federal regulations.

  4. CUI Program Managers: Many agencies designate CUI Program Managers or Coordinators who oversee the implementation of CUI policies, provide guidance to personnel, and ensure compliance with CUI requirements.

  5. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA): NARA is responsible for overseeing the overall CUI program at the federal level and provides guidance and training to federal agencies.

It’s important to note that the specific procedures for marking and handling CUI may vary between agencies, as different agencies may have different categories of CUI and unique requirements based on their missions and responsibilities. Compliance with CUI policies and markings is crucial to protect sensitive but unclassified information while ensuring it is appropriately shared and safeguarded.